Friday, March 13, 2009

About Me

Hiiiii... Welcome to my animation page...

My full name is Md Shamsul Faisal Suhaimi but u all can call me Sam... I am an IT22 student from Queensland university of Technology, Brisbane... Major in Interactive Media... The reason im taking this course is because i want to learn and gain knowledges in all animations and Motion Graphic. I've got experienced in using many programs so far such as Adobe Flash, Adobe Pagemaker, Adobe Dreamweaver (Previously Macromedia), Xara, Programming, etc.. I was working in one of the Multimedia company in Brunei and had been as a trainer for teaching most programs to primary school students in Brunei Darussalam. Furthermore, i worked in DSTCom (Data Stream Technology Communication) as Executive Assistant in Switching Network where i became a software engineer and programmer dealing with mobile networking problem.

About this blog?? Alrite.... My samloveanimation blog contents all the videos which had been created and will be uploaded as my weekly progress for my favourite unit "Animation and Motion Graphic".. This unit is about making animations by using fragment pieces of images, videos, audios and texts (I.e motion graphic), rendered to develop a movie trailer, mtv, advertisements and entertainment. Synchronisation and Temporal aspects of all assets are the requirements in producing the best video with respect to the Narrative which has been made. FYI, I have been using Adobe After Effect CS3 to develop and renders the animated video... In each video, there are a certain number of comments accordingly and their limitations.

Thank you for visiting my blog. Have fun will all the videos i have uploaded here... i will try to update this blog from time to time.. Cheers :)

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