Thursday, May 14, 2009

Reflection of Personal creative development during the semester and details of contextual influences

The animation and motion graphic unit gave me a good understanding of how to create animations by using a powerful program i.e Adobe after effect. Every week we were given step by step tutorials of how to do particular animation. The tutor helped us to
understand and learning by doing.

Futhermore, the lecture notes gave us the theory of animations which then can be applied to
practical wokrs. The best things in every lecture, Chris Denaro, the lecturer of this unit
showed us heaps of examples of animations from the professional artist as a guide for us as a student to develop our creativity towards doing our final project.

However, i still need help from any other resources to develop my creativity and learn more in order to develop sophisticated animation.

One of the best website i really like and help me much in achieving a certain technique is

This website owned by Andrew. He provides many video tutorials which are absolutely free.

Throughout my progress doing all the tutorial exercises, the difficult part was how to get idea to design things into the compositions. These include colour, forms such as lines and shapes as well as the visual styles. So I always get inspired from the existing animations which are available in the Youtube and it supports my learning process.

Mastering color therefore is the important aspect in any designed because it influences the mood of audiences. I learn this from the recommended reading from QUT blackboard. Color also has cultural differences in terms of its meaning. E.g Red means anger in japan but it might have a different meaning in any other countries.Lines and shapes also have their own meaning in term of visual communications. For instance, horizontal lines indicates stability, diagonal lines refers to as dynamic and vertical lines is instable.

All these creativity i have learnt in this unit and it is a new experienced for me...

Overall, animation and motion Graphic is the best.. :)

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