Friday, May 1, 2009


In tutorial week 8, i have experiment the tracker control or motion tracking tool by using after effect which allows elements such as text, image or video to stand at the fixed position within any video . This will make those elements looks like become part of the video itself. From the video example above, i have added up text called "creative industries" and my friends image stood on the stairs of the creative industries building. Through my progression in making this video, its pretty hard to find a good position for placing the motion tracker and i had to find a good spot to place these elements so that the motion tracker can easily detect the same points from the beginning till the end of the video. I had done frame by frame to set and adjusting the position of the elements. But Its quite interesting to learn this motion tracker because it might help me to create a sophisticated video with any added objects from any resources i want.

Similar to how i did the video above (i,.e creative industries building) but now i am using four motion trackers which allow to fix the position of the window screen in the PC monitor. We need to set in the motion tracker as "perspective" to let 4 motion trackers points to appear. Practically, i placed the motion tracker point at each corner of the monitor screen and while the video is playing, these motion trackers will detect where the same points are going. Then we set target which file will be using these points as a guide (here im using the window screen picture supplied from the QUT blackboard). However, i just realized that some points are still not properly fixed that makes the windows screen to move a bit and some black bits can still be seen behind it. This is really a good learning process for me to experiment how to make it better in the future.

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