Wednesday, May 6, 2009


Excercise 1: MoodBoard

Exercise 2: Rotoscoping Video (Adding some video into my motion graphic)

From tutorial week 9 exercise, we learnt about creating a moodboard and Rotoscoping video. The colour of the moodboard is based on the intrinsic colour relationship in a dintinctive image from 1970s. Through my own research of colors used in 1970s which had been displayed in posters and magazines at that time, the colour used was Navy blue or dark blue, yellow, green and orange. I use retro color to represent this video and moodboard. From the recommended reading on the QUT blackboard in one of the articles about colour, it says "color act as lighting which can influence the emotions and moods of the viewers"... They also used particular forms such as line and shapes in compositions. There were many posters using lines that radiates outwards from the centre which indirectly gives a sense of retro and using rounded and sharp-edge shaped as their styles..Therefore i used all these ideas to create and publish my own video, blending them to give 1970s moods/themes...To support these, i used some images include the classic-typed people (identify through their old-fashion hair style) and old-designed bicycle and car to give the audience the feeling back to 1970s. The title of my video work is "Duck and Cover". It emphasized and reinforced audience in 1970s at that time to duck and cover whenever they encountered nearby bomb explosion for their protection.

For video rotoscope as part of this exercise, i have include a body of a person walking and then as he realized there was a bomb explosion, he began to duck(look at my moodboard image 2 . Through the tutorial given by our tutor, i have managed to mask the wanted part successfully. However, when you look at my video closely(related to second moodboard image), i didn't mask it properly where it has jagged around it. One more part that i forgot to add onto my video is the grainy effect or black and white as a style which can possibly identified by the audience as 1970s...I just realized this as i gained more experienced and more experiment using After this is part of learning process towards doing my major project for assessment 3, its quite interesting to learn rotoscopic effect and as i gain more knowledge, now managed to point out area that i went wrong during my tutorial exercise in establishing the intended mood and themes to audience.

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