Friday, April 24, 2009


During the week 3 tutorial, we were asked to construct a 2D Composition which develops a temporal and spatial dialogue between animated type and audio. This is to show the relationship between 2D text and digital audio. With reference to the video shown above, i have construct a 30 seconds composition in After Effects and i had animated the text in conjunction to the audio taken from ccmizter done by eight prime, from the creativecommon website (

The composition is 512 width x 288 pixels height with 25 frames per second. The duration is 750 frames equivalent to 30 seconds. The text was animated using the animation presets available in after effect cs3 or cs4. It is simply drag and drop onto the text layer and the properties of this text effects (on the timeline) also allow us to change its durations. .

The narrative of which relationship between the fonts and the audio refered to the detail of the audio itself such as who created the eight prime, when it was published, and it was taken from the creative commons. The rhythm and timing of the audio becomes a guide for the pace of the above animation. Since the dialogue was rehearsed in fast pace, the motions of the texts have been treated in the same way to have a sense of synchronisation between them. I have used simple san serif font which can increase its legibility on the screen but however it doesn't really matter to have any types of fonts for the above footage since the fonts are scale to larger size to fit the composition. After rendering the composition, i just realized some parts are slightly disconnected but however, it is not so obvious. Overall, it is a good start for me as a beginner to do a good job in synchronising and producing relationship between text and audio successfully.

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