Saturday, April 25, 2009


Exercise 1: Stylize and adjust the image towards a darker, sinister tone as seen in the movie Sin City.

By using Adobe PhotoShop i developed this by using my own picture. I make used of tool such as adjustment level to change any color picture to become black with a texture look like ink and layering all pictures taken. For more information how to make, you can go to this website

Exercise 2: Create a temporal composition which shows 3 pieces of graffiti being revealed by an animating mask.

The above video shows the composition which contain pictures of graffitis' zooming in and out utilizing the camera tool available in after effect by making it into a layer and manipulating the properties within this layer to allow it magnifies smoothly and panning across the page possible. The camera is one way for making animation easy to develop. By having the composition into a 3D dimension (after we add camera layer), each layered image can be made in such a way that they look like to pop up from the screen by changing the value of the position within their properties. Ok hope you like this video.

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