Friday, April 24, 2009


Learn Masking Object

In tutorial 4, Our tutor, Keke Robertson taught us how to make masking in After Effect. This involve cutting part of an image by using Pen tool (available tool in After Effect) by tracing the outline of that particular object.

Activity: Temporal identity of a place we have a strong connection with

We were asked to construct a temporal identity for a physical location with which we have a strong connection to. I was doing narrative about Queensland where i stay now which include the brisbane city, the bridge and the beach at Surfer Paradise,Gold Coast. So i combined all these ideas to make footage. I gathered some pictures which are related to Queensland, masked parts of the original pictures by using Pen tool. After masking, then the pictures were layered as well as there're being arranged according to their appropriate position and sequence of images for ease to make transition.

The narrative starts with aeroplane fly over the surfer paradise beach at Gold Coast. When you see the plane closely, It is actually a Brunei plane, a country where i lived before i came to Australia. The first place i went to in Australia was at the surfer paradise beach. The boy appears jumping over the rock represents a local people. which can be seen either at Gold Coast and Brisbane. Thats part of the reason i make the boy figure as a transition. Behind him, you can see a bridge situated above the Brisbane river and then transition move to Brisbane city where i lived. But however the main point for developing this video is to give audiences an idea what is in Queensland. Therefore the target audiences are tourists or travellers.

My tagline is "Queensland, A place to be" . It is fairly short and memorable. It gives the audience a decision that Queensland is a right place to stay and for leisure.

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